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High Definition For Everyone
LifeSize® Express™ is the affordable, easy to use, high definition video communications system and is now more accessible than ever providing unparalleled price / performance. Ideal for both users looking to expand their video communications install base and those new to video, LifeSize Express combined with our newest addition, LifeSize® Focus™, delivers telepresence to any room.

In today's fast-moving, global economy, project teams, partners and colleagues are distributed around the world and the telephone and email are simply not enough. Frequent face to face meetings and meaningful dialog are vital for success, but travel is expensive and time consuming.

LifeSize Express is smaller than a sheet of paper, only an inch thick, yet delivers telepresence quality high definition video
 Better Quality at Any Bandwidth
By delivering nearly ten times the quality of existing videoconferencing systems (limited to 352 x 288 pixels), users will experience a completely new paradigm in face-to-face video communications. High definition (1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second) video resolution will make participants appear true-to-size. And with advanced processing capabilities, LifeSize Express provides better video at any bandwidth including high definition resolution at 1Mbps, DVD quality at 512Kbps and Cable TV quality at 384Kbps.

High Definition Camera
High definition video is captured through the LifeSize designed and built cameras. The original LifeSize® Camera™ provides high definition imagery through a 70 degree field of view wide angle lens. This fully functional pan-tilt camera supports a wide range of meeting rooms with its 4 x optical zoom. The newest LifeSize camera, LifeSize® Focus™ , is a fixed focus sleek, simple and easy to use camera that provides the same high definition quality and field of view. LifeSize Focus also features two omni-directional microphones with beam-forming technology for excellent sound quality that can be used standalone or in combination with LifeSize high definition audio solutions for larger conference rooms.

High Definition Audio
High definition video requires high definition, echo-free audio. The LifeSize® MicPod™ delivers crystal-clear sound that creates an immersive, telepresence experience. For those needing a stand-alone conference phone for voice calling, consider upgrading to LifeSize® Phone™. With 16 omnidirectional microphones, sophisticated audio processing and a powerful, titanium speaker, LifeSize phone delivers the ultimate in audio clarity.

Share Documents, Objects & Multimedia with Ease
Sharing product design concepts, new packaging or multimedia clips in high definition will be just like you were literally in the same room. Show intricate details or invite comments on a new creative idea and be sure that you see and hear every response in real-time.

Making a video call with LifeSize Express is as easy as changing the channel using a remote control. And connecting the LifeSize Express couldn't be simpler - watch our video to see how you can connect LifeSize Express in less than a minute.


System Components
The complete system includes a high definition codec, high definition camera, high definition microphone (or optional audio conference phone) and wireless remote control. LifeSize Express is fully integrated for instant plug-and-play use with any HD display or monitor. The complete LifeSize Express solution is offered in two main configurations:

LifeSize Express with Camera

LifeSize Express codec
LifeSize PTZ Camera
LifeSize MicPod
LifeSize Remote Control

LifeSize Express with Focus
LifeSize Express codec
LifeSize Focus, fixed-focus camera with integrated microphone array
LifeSize Remote Control
LifeSize Express is based on the latest H.264 standard and provides H.263 support for interoperability with all standards-based video communications systems. This means you can connect with almost any video system in the world.

The Advantages are Clear
High definition video communications (1280 x 720 resolution, 30 frames per second)
Support for video bandwidth from 128Kbps up to 2 Mbps
Supports a single monitor display
Support for either a single high definition quality LifeSize® Camera™ or LifeSize® Focus™ camera
Multiple options available for high definition audio through the LifeSize® MicPod™, LifeSize® Phone™ or LifeSize® Focus™ camera
Standards-based support for H.263, H.263+, H.264, H.235 and H.239
Simple user interface
Dual-stream support (H.239) for sharing PC and multimedia content

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  • Plantronics
  • GN Netcom
  • VXI
  • Polycom
  • ClearOne
  • Avaya
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  • Sonexis
  • Clarity
  • Nortel
  • Cisco


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