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Digital T1 Recorder. T1 Recorder, T1 phone recorder Just connect the provided USB cable from a dedicated PC into our T1 line connection, tap into the T1 tapper box, installed the our software and you're done! You'll instantly record up to 48 channels of audio in crystal-clear digital quality.

[ Search, Play, Email and Copy. ]
Play back from any PC. Find calls instantly. Just click on the time and date. Copy, email, encrypt, and transfer calls on any computer. Powerful utilities let you search by Caller-ID, DID, or number dialed. PRI DID calls automatically sort in separate folders.

[ Universal T1 and PRI Support ]
All modern T1 formats are supported: Fractional T1, ISDN PRI, Japanese CRC... No problem!

[ Simple Connection, Quick Install ]
The USB 2.0 connection makes installation a snap! A special adapter called the "T1 Tapper" lets you tap the T1 line with NO PBX reprogramming or rewiring required!

The T1 Audio Logger is ideal for call centers, law firms, insurance agencies, police, 911 dispatchers, or any one who needs to keep accurate records and capture large volumes of information.

Getting started is easy with this completely “do–it–yourself” call logger. Just connect a USB cable, tap the T1 line with the included “T1 Tapper” adapter, load the included software CD, and you’re done. You’ll instantly record up to 24 channels of audio in crystal clear digital quality.

Just look at the benefits!

Search, play, email, and copy — Play back from any PC on the network. Find calls instantly by clicking on the time and date. Copy, email, encrypt, and transfer calls on any computer. Free software utilities let you search by Caller ID or number dialed.

Separate directory sorting — Calls from each line are sorted in separate directories for quick access. Every recording includes a digital signature with time and date stamp for traceability.

Automatic disk space management — This feature saves room for your most important calls. Older calls are automatically deleted to free disk space.

Easy installation — The USB 2.0 connection makes installation a snap! A special connection called the "T1 Tapper" lets you tap the line with no PBX reprogramming required.

Universal T1 support — Virtually all modern T1 formats are supported. Fractional T1, ISDN PRI, Japanese CRC… no problem!

*** Before You Order ***
Use of this T1 Audio Logger requires a dedicated PC with Microsoft Windows, 2 GHz or greater processing speed, and at least 512 MB of RAM.
A 7200 RPM IDE hard drive is recommended. Each gigabyte holds about 2,000 minutes/33 hours of recordings.
Dedicated PC cannot be used for any other tasks. USB 2.0 high–speed connection.

Proven Value - Just $1,195.00 each
Now proven in over 3,000 installations to date. They're easy to install on your own Windows server.


Instantly record up to 24 channels of audio from any T1 line. Records all calls from all 24 phone lines automatically.
Remote access. Remotely accessable from a Internet connection. (Your PC must be setup for this).
Easy installation. No complicated punch down block or programming needed. All cable included.
Complete kit included. No need to buy other cable or items not included in other kits.
Crystal clear audio recordings. All calls are digitally recorded to a dedicated PC.

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  • Manufactured by: DIGI

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