Transportation Industry Recording Uses

The transportation industry relies on a constant flow of communication between agents and drivers in the field, representatives and customers, and the interpersonal level back at the home office. It is vitally important that lines of communication be secure, reliable and able to be backed up with digital records. And for good reason.

Think about the diverse set of needs even within the general transportation industry. Rental car companies, for instance, need to be able to have accessible records of phone conversations between their agents and customers. Phone recordings can, for instance, play a huge role in rectifying lost reservations and/or discrepancies with reservation requests made over the phone. Supervisors can rely on recordings to aid in the resolution of almost any dispute by playing back the conversation in question and listening to what may or may not have been said. As well, digital recorders capture the ANI, caller ID, and/or SMDR, giving supervisors additional pieces of data.

Or an Auto dealership, where orders are made daily for different models and accompanying parts of all shapes and sizes. Those orders have to be processed and shipped for on-time delivery from a manufacturer or retailer to the dealer lot. Mistakes in the supply chain can cost valuable time and resources. Itís important to be able to preserve important conversations between dealers and vendors, so that call details can be preserved and double-checked, and shipments can arrive on time, accurately. Phone recorders make verifying order information and archiving important conversations easy.

Call recorder suites also allow for supervisory call monitoring. Managers and coordinators in the taxi, limo or airport shuttle service industry, as well as air traffic control towers, railways, tow companies, airline reservation desks, shipping and port-of-entry providers need the ability to monitor two way communication lines. Whether scrutinizing agent performance or merely observing daily activity, itís vital for companies to have real-time access to all conversations that have an impact on bottom line business performance.

Phone recording technology is almost infinitely scalable. Whether you own a valet parking service with 10 employees and you need to supervise service at a local restaurant on a Saturday, or youíre a supervisor with the US Department of Transportation with responsibility for overseeing and managing communications between hundreds or thousands of employees, phone recording technology can be sized to fit your unique needs.

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