Record Phone Calls, Prevent Disputes

If you’re a business owner or decision maker, there are a number of reasons why you should consider purchasing a telephone recorder. Not the least of which is that a phone recorder can be a great investment for ensuring the financial success of your company in ways you may have previously been unaware of.

For starters, there’s the protection a telephone recorder can provide against liability lawsuits from customers or clients. Consider the customer who speaks to your phone agent about a good or service they’ve purchased or are thinking of purchasing. During the conversation, there’s a miscommunication of sorts, and a dispute ensues. Without a telephone recorder, and depending on the nature of the dispute, the situation can quickly escalate into a tough, “he-said, she-said” legal conundrum. But, if you have a phone recorder in place, you can diffuse the dispute by simply retrieving and listening to the recorded conversation. You’ll be privy to the truth of what was said and be able to gather any evidence you’ll need to resolve the dispute peacefully, out of court.

Telephone recorders are also a great training tool for shaping customer representatives and sales agents into productive members of your team. A phone recorder can be a useful platform for improving an average agent’s communication and closing skills into those of a revenue generating veteran. Trained, competent agents are happy agents who will boost your business’ bottom line with improved customer service and sales proficiency.

Along those same lines, telephone recorders allow employers to monitor suspicious call activity, too. Perhaps an employee is spending work hours making inappropriate personal calls, or an agent’s poor sales record gives you reason to believe he or she has serious deficiencies when dealing with prospects. Regardless, a recorder gives you multi-tiered security access to evidential call records and audio files that can help you make key personnel decisions, personnel decisions that affect your company’s bottom line.

However you look at it, telephone recorders are a sound business investment – a training tool, liability protector, and HR implementation all rolled into one.

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