Phone Recording Insures Security

Telephone Recorder Purchase Tips -
When Security is your Highest Priority

By virtue of their public ownership, government entities and agencies demand secure, sustainable, and easily accessible channels of communication. Ditto for technology oriented private companies and defense contractors. Their work is often confidential and sensitive in nature, necessitating strict protocols that can ensure a certain level of redundancy and security.

In these types of governmental and technology-driven private firms, legal strictures govern every area of communication, be it internally between supervisors and employees, or externally in the client or public facing realm. In both categories, operational authorities need reliable means of recording, accessing, and assessing all inbound, outbound and internal call traffic. For example, FBI personnel often record conversations that are of a legal nature or that relate to an ongoing investigation Ė doing so is a necessity, a part of doing business. Digital telephone recorders make this possible so that all verbal telecommunication is stored in a fully accessible, transparent format should the need arise.

Customer service representatives in the private sector must also adhere to certain standards and practices when talking with members of the public or customers interested in a product or service. With a reliable digital telephone recorder, managers and supervisors can monitor these discussions for compliance purposes. Those customer service agents who arenít maintaining the company line can be trained to do so, in large part because employers can use telephone recordings as a basis for training and retraining agents who need to be brought up to speed. Employees can listen to their own conversations and critically assess their own performance.

Telephone recordings also provide a hedge for customer-facing organizations that interface with hundreds or thousands of customers and/or potential customers every day. Even with a trained team of customer service agents, there is always a risk of miscommunication or inadvertent statements between an agent and a caller. These situations can result in lawsuits or other legal repercussions that arenít easily solved. However, a telephone recording regime that captures, labels and stores each conversation can protect companies against any he said-she said situations that may arise. Telephone recordings help resolve disputes and illuminate the reality of conversations where there is some doubt about what may or may not have been said.

The class of digital telephone recorders used by government and highly secure private organizations are equipped with multi-tiered access protocols, allowing supervisors to restrict access to certain functionality within the telephone recording platform to only those with specific levels of clearance. These permission rights are protected in many cases by audio and visual alarms that notify appropriate personnel if and when a system breach has occurred.

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