Phone Recording for Government

From the US Marine Corps, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to the Department of Homeland Security and our public school system, security and confidentiality are ever more paramount for public entities. Whether monitoring calls from a suspected terrorist, or making outbound calls to a concerned parent, governmental agencies rely on telephone recording to help them protect and serve surround communities and the country at large.

A telephone recorder is a primary instrument in this mission. Telephone recorders allow government agencies to capture, store, log, retrieve, play back, and transfer audio files. Phone conversations, top-secret teleconferences, interviews, radio transmissions are able to be preserved for future referral or playback.

Telephone recorders are not only instruments of security, but they are secure themselves. Many come with audio and visual alarms to detect unauthorized use or improper functioning. Redundant power supplies and RAID hard disks guarantee continuity and full redundancy during outages and service interruptions. Most models offer multi-layered security settings, too, that allow for the assignment of differing rights protocols for senior level and lower level employees.

As with other industries, government agencies can also use telephone recorders to train employees and conduct testing scenarios. Public Schools who are training office assistants to take accurate phone messages or distribute information to parents via an automated message distribution tool, FBI supervisors training agents to conduct interviews, Homeland Security officials practicing surveillance techniques, the Transportation and Commerce Departments preparing phone agents for inbound and outbound calls…all are uses for telephone recorders within the public sector.

Telephone recorders can serve multiple functions within today’s public and governmental sectors. Myriad makes and models ensure the proper fit for agencies with thousands of personnel or the small office outside the city.

  • Plantronics
  • GN Netcom
  • VXI
  • Polycom
  • ClearOne
  • Avaya
  • Jabra
  • Sonexis
  • Clarity
  • Nortel
  • Cisco


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