Phone Recording FAQ

Q. There are so many different models to choose from Ė how do I know which one should I order?

Youíre right; there are literally telephone recorders of all shapes, sizes, uses and features to choose from in the marketplace today. It can be a bit overwhelming for consumers.

The important thing to remember is that as the marketplace grows, so too does Big Dís product line and corresponding product expertise. We have continued to evolve in our knowledge and approach to the business, and weíre able to accommodate multiple telephone recording methodologies and technologies as they come to market. The result is that we can guarantee a solution to whatever telephone recording need(s) you may have.

The best, most direct way of finding the right telephone recorder for your application is to contact one of our technical advisors via our toll-free number: 800-444-5217. You can also email us at

Before you do, consider your answers to these questions:

1) Will you be using handsets, headsets or both?
2) Do you need beeps to let people know they are being recorded? 3) Do you have a purchasing budget in mind?
4) What make and model recorder and telephone sets are you looking to use?

If you contact us with these answers in mind, we should be able to recommend the best telephone recording solution available for your specific application needs, in a timely manner.

Q. Is it legal to record telephone conversations?

Great question. Laws vary from state to state, but generally the safest thing is to make sure both parties consent to recording the conversation. Mutual consent is usually the best form of liability protection. You can accomplish this by inserting a beep tone every 15 seconds or announcing that the call is being recorded prior to the callís commencement.

Of course, itís always best to consult an attorney for the laws in your state if you have any questions about legality. For information concerning applicable state and federal laws, please visit the following website:

Please know that this link is provided for informational purposes only! Do not act upon any of this information without first seeking the advice of a licensed attorney. The website is owned and operated by The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, not Big D Communication. The information contained on the site is not endorsed by Big D Communication, nor do we attest to the timeliness or accuracy of the information.

Q. Do I need to put beeps on the call to let people know they are being recorded?

A. Generally speaking, the use of beeps and/or announcing to all call participants that a call is going to be recorded is strongly recommended. Of course, an attorney can better articulate specific laws and statutes that may exist in your home state. Implementing beeps or an announcement is a good, proactive first step, though.

Q. Does Big D Communication have any "Back Room" solutions - something that we can install in the phone closet?

A. We do have digital-to-analog converter systems available for many popular phone system models. Call 800-444-5217 or email for more information on your specific requirements.

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