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Employee training is paramount for those workforce positions that interface with clients and customers. Call center agents, customer service staff, and consultative sales team members are measured by the success they have in reaching out to customers and clients through verbal communication channels in-person or over the phone.

Phone recorders make employee training easy. Employers can use digital phone recorders to listen in as newly hired call center agents engage potential customers about products and services. The same goes for companies that want to monitor their sales teams and their levels of productivity. Digital phone recording allows supervisors to assess the relative abilities of sales and customer service agents as they accept inbound calls, initiate outbound call campaigns, work through a performance review period, or simply conduct a spot performance evaluation.

Phone recording technology allows employers to playback recordings as audio files, giving both they and their employees the opportunity to listen to and review earlier conversations. Additionally, digital telephone recorders provide reporting functionality, so that supervisors and managers can collect and assess this call data and then distribute individual assessments to employees and trainees via email or FTP post. Data points available to administrators can include audio files of calls themselves, call duration, disposition codes, time and date stamps, and other pertinent information. These constructive critiques can then be the basis for joint or individual performance evaluations, duty modifications and/or incentives for new employees.

Phone recorders also provide an added motivation for employees who know their conversations with customers, clients and prospects are being recorded and assessed by supervisors. The incentive to do well and be recognized for a job well done can induce outstanding performances from good employees and cause significant improvements for less than stellar workers. Phone recorders make it possible for companies to efficiently and smartly train employees, which leads to increased productivity and employee morale, as well as provides employers a platform upon which to assess performance and make the necessary modifications moving forward.

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