Digital Phone Recorder Advantages

Digital telephone recorders are fast becoming indispensable tools for businesses, communicators and individuals alike. Business owners and supervisors use them to monitor and train call center agents, and preserve and assess important customer and client calls, as well as legally binding or confidential meetings. Professional communicators, like newspaper reporters and public relations representatives, need telephone recording tools to accurately capture important conversations so that they can be related in a later column, article, or formal communication channel. Individuals can use digital telephone recorders to record oral recitations, speeches, classroom lectures and a host of other non-business conversations.

Digital telephone recorders differ from more traditional telephone recorders that utilize cassette tapes. Digital telephone recorders are generally smaller in size than cassette versions, and they are more functional for users. By their nature, digital telephone recorders can, similar to digital video recorders (DVR), perform all playback and storage tasks with relative ease. Whereas a cassette model requires the purchase of separate tapes and manual loading and unloading of new and old tapes, a digital telephone recorder allows users to navigate most of its features with a few simple key strokes or button touches. Itís the degree of difference you find between a VHS/Beta Cam recording and that of the DVR. While audio visual quality is present with either option, advantages in speed, flexibility and portability have allowed the DVR and its digital sidekicks to corner the lionís share of the consumer audio-video recording market over the last 10 years.

Moreover, digital telephone recorders allow users to capture and store recordings internally on the devices themselves, or export audio files with ease, via Flash drive, CD, MP3 download, email or other digital method. Of course, cassette users can digitize tapes, but the process for doing so can be costly and time consuming for most non-commercial users.

Ease of storage is another huge advantage digital telephone recorders enjoy over their cassette counterparts. Thousands of digital recordings can be stored as bits of information on a computer or telephone recorderís hard drive, requiring minimal physical storage infrastructure on the part of the user. Tapes, on the other hand, are tangible and they require storage space which can bring about additional cost considerations for those considering a telephone recorder purchase.

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