Call Center Recording

First of all, telephone recorders allow call center supervisors and other business decision makers to efficiently monitor, train and empower telephone agents with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to the company’s success. Businesses that employ call center agent and resources know how important a trained, competent, confident team of phone representatives can be to a successful, thriving business operation. Phone representatives are the face of many companies or organizations in the telemarketing, technical support, hotel and travel reservations, health care, insurance, medical, dental, collections, order process and fulfillment, casino, hospice, and other customer relationship management fields. The performance of these agents is often a good barometer of the relative health of the company itself.

Telephone recorders also provide a means for resolving customer-phone agent disputes, by allowing company representatives to playback questionable phone conversations and see if/where a conflagration might have originated. This type of evidential proof can prevent the customers from unnecessary escalation. Legitimate disputes can be confirmed and handled appropriately, while simple miscommunications or erroneous recollections by customers can be uncovered before turning into legal or liability-driven situations.

Business users will be happy to know that most telephone recorder models come equipped with multi-tiered security permission protocols, allowing single or multiple supervisors to monitor call agent conversations at one time. Completed recordings can be stored via system hard drive or exported to an external repository. Regardless the destination, audio recording files can be accessed and played back with relative ease. Additionally, nearly all telephone recorder units allow detailed call disposition reports to be run by supervisors. From average call duration, to ANI or caller ID information, all manner of call data can be translated to detailed graph and chart form, allowing for ease of use by supervisors and managers responsible for phone or call center agent performance.

Telephone recorders provide the means for protecting call center operations and optimizing call center performance. Agents can be monitored and trained in a comprehensive, constructive manner, and liability concerns can be better recognized, handled and resolved, thanks to today’s telephone recording software.

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