Why use a full duplex speaker phone?

Polycom and ClearOne speaker phones are designed to operate in full-duplex mode. A full duplex speakerphone refers to a a telephone capable of simultaneously transmitting audio signals in two directions, it can simultaneously transmit and receive audio signals .In a full duplex speakerphone the speaker and microphone of a Polycom or Clearone speakerphone are acoustically coupled such that sound waves from the speaker travel to the microphone. within a 10-20 ft range reach the microphone for transmission. All full duplex Polycom and Clearone speakerphones employ digital signal processors (DSPs) in order to implement adaptive echo cancellation. In half-duplex mode, a conversation between two parties is carried in one direction at a time, essentially requiring the connected parties to take turns speaking. this is not acceptable in the business environment Polycom and ClearOne phones operate in perfect clear full duplex mode. When conducting a telephone call using a full duplex Polycom or Clearone speakerphone, both parties involved in the telephone call can be heard clearly. Both parties can speak simultaneously as if they were having a face to face meeting. Having to speak in turn can be unnatural and can make conversation difficult and laborious. Thus, all Polycom and ClearOne speakerphones are designed to operate in full-duplex mode. A full duplex speakerphone is essential in all business environments. Polycom and Clearone full duplex speakerphones allow both parties to speak and be heard at the same time. The full-duplex mode allows incoming and outgoing parties' voices to be simultaneously transmitted so that there is no clipping or choppiness. This results in much more natural face to face type conversation.
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