Benefits of a telephone recorder

What is phone recording?
Phone recording, also known as voice logging has been around for nearly as long as phones. It consists of attaching a recording device to phone lines in a business setting and having a way of playing back these recordings. Call centers were early adapters and most of us are familiar with the little recording at the beginning of a call that reminds us that “this call may be recorded for training or quality assurance purposes” dialog. Now all kinds of businesses are using phone recording.

The ROI on a phone recording solution
There are many reasons why businesses choose to purchase a phone recording solution. Here are the top 5 Return on investment (ROI) arguments for implementing one of our solutions.
1 Liability: Resolve disputes and protect your company with recorded evidence.
2 Quality control: Improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.
3 Security: Detect or deter security breaches and inappropriate calls.
4 Training: Coach employees with examples of high & low quality calls.
5 Marketing data: learn about your customers and their response to your marketing.

What does a phone recording solution consist of?
1 A Microsoft Windows PC.
2 Voice recording boards that plug into the PCI slot of the PC.
3 The software used to record, manage, search, grade and access the recordings.
Our systems can connect to analog or digital telephone, T1/E1/PRI/BRI/ISDN, or any radio or other audio lines and record all conversations on those lines. Recordings are stored as separate files and saved on the recorder PC’s hard drive. Optionally, a second copy of the recordings can be automatically backed up to archive media (DVD+RW, network, external drive, etc.). Users can search and playback the recordings on any PC or over a network.

When considering a telephone recording system determine the following
A) Do I need to protect myself from lawsuits and resolve customer disputes?
B) Do I need to monitor employees for unauthorized calls and security breeches?
C) Could I use recording to train employees for better customer service?
D) Would reviewing recordings reduce costly data entry errors?
E) Would my sales department benefit from learning what techniques produce sales?

If you said yes to any of the above a professional telephone recorder would help reduce costs, improve sales and customer service . In addition any disputes are quickly resolved saving time and money.

When considering a professional telephone recording system the following functionality are required.

A professional telephone recorder will have the ability to save all recording to a hard drive. The hard drive can be part of a telephone recording system or independent in any case thousands of hours of telephone recordings will be saved to the hard drive. The hard drive of the telephone recorder can be interfaced to a network to allow accessibility to the recording from remote locations for easy reference and immediate access.

The software of a professional telephone recording system will have the ability to search for calls in a variety of ways. You can view all recordings, search by particular person, phone number, date and time, length of call as well as number dialed. You will be able to find any call in seconds.

Recordings can be easily e-mailed as well as burned to a dvd or cd.

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